Our Values

Just as important as the work we do, are our core values. Passion, Communication, Family, Respect, Integrity, Freedom are the backbone of this organization! A lot of companies might have a set of core values but how many actually live by them, hire by them and truly expect that of not just the employees but the leadership as well. All decisions are brought back these values and it shows through each and every day! Family is a key component of our success and it is never forgotten. iLendingDIRECT understands that we all have personal lives. We truly have the freedom to make sure we are taking care of family. The schedule is flexible and with that freedom, we are all asked to have the integrity to get done what we need to get done.


Family at iLendingDIRECT is not just a word we throw around. It is the cornerstone of our success… We are a family! If you are offered a position at iLendingDIRECT you can be assured that there is truly something unique and special that we have seen and we would like you to contribute to this great organization. Want to see what Family at iLendingDIRECT means to us???? Take a look at what our employees have to say.




We are all expected to have the highest level of integrity in our professional dealings with customers as well as with each other. We understand that customer service is our number one priority and that taking care of their needs before our own is paramount to our success.

Barry Appelhans serves as one of iLendingDIRECT’s Team Directors. In his current role, he is the Team Director which all freshly trained agents go through as they become full-fledged members of the sales floor. Barry’s outgoing personality and analytical thought process give way to patience and positive attitude, creating an environment filled with culture, acceptance and progression. His passion lies in people, and helping them to realize their full potential. Outside of work he can be found camping, snowboarding or simply sitting on a patio enjoying a cold beverage. Always smiling, you can always expect a good mood to accompany him.


Freedom at iLendingDIRECT is not something we just talk about, it is something that we live each and every day! We truly want you to live your life to the fullest and the Freedom here lets you do just that. You should never have to choose between your career and your family. Want to see what the word Freedom represents to us? Click here to hear from our employees and leaders about Freedom at iLendingDIRECT.




Respect is at the forefront of all of our interactions here at iLendingDIRECT! Take a moment to hear from Tammell as she explains what Respect in the workplace means to her.



Communication is key to the successful running of any business and at iLendingDIRECT we always keep that front of mind. Take a look here and see what that means to our associates.

"Just wanted to say a big huge thank you to iLendingDIRECT for such wonderful service! I have to admit I was a bit skeptical initially, but iLendingDIRECT made the whole process so easy and I was able to get the new loan approved within a week, and he has followed up with me every single step of the way!”

“I transferred my car loan over to iLendingDIRECT after they offered me an interest rate less than half of my old company. It was one of the best financial decisions I have made in life!”

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