bptwiLendingDIRECT once again has been honored as one of Denver’s best employers by The Denver Business Journal.

The Denver Business Journal unveiled the results of its Best Places to Work awards, putting iLendingDIRECT atop the list in the extra-large company category (100+ employees) for the second consecutive year. The auto loan refinance company differentiates itself by doing business with a personal approach to its customers and embracing its company core values of Communication, Family, Freedom, Integrity, Passion and Respect.

“Helping people get out of high interest rate auto loans and making a positive impact on their financial success is beyond rewarding. When you are in the business of changing lives, the good that comes from that trickles throughout the workplace. Perks and spiffs are a constant for all employees with the purpose of keeping them engaged and on their toes, always striving to hit company goals and personal bests,” said Nancy Fitzgerald, CEO and President of iLendingDIRECT.

In addition to traditional perks like health and dental benefits, PTO and flexible schedules, iLendingDIRECT has become innovate in the way it motivates and incentivizes employees. From catered lunches and tickets to sporting events, a fitness center and a game room, the perks are exciting, yet meaningful. But when the bullhorn sounds from the sales tower, it’s the company-wide support and camaraderie that gets everyone out of the seats to help recognize standout employees of the week.

Top Places To Work - Denver Post

tptw nancy[CENTENNIAL, Colo. - April 6, 2017] iLendingDIRECT, a national leader in auto-refinancing solutions, today announced that the company was recognized as a 2017 Top Workplaces by the Denver Post.

“What an honor to be among the best of the best,” says Nancy Fitzgerald, CEO and President of iLendingDIRECT. The reason we are a Top Workplace is because we live and breathe our core values. The most important value being Family and knowing that we’re there for one another.”

iLendingDIRECT offers auto financial and warranty services to consumers. As important as serving families, is a supportive family atmosphere to its 165 employees.

Top Workplaces are based solely on surveys about the workplace completed by their employees. Freedom to organize their workdays, flexible schedules and income potential were all cited as reasons iLendingDIRECT employees say they love where they work.
“I get the opportunity to help people daily while also providing my family with a comfortable living,” one survey respondent said. “I love the people I work with, I think this company is going to be huge and I want to be a part of it every day.”

iLendingDIRECT markets refinancing for auto loans, lease buyouts, annual maintenance plans, extended warranties, cash-back loans on, guaranteed asset protection (GAP) insurance, and other products. Its team members work with a variety of lenders and insurance providers to create a custom package of services to meet clients’ needs.
Nancy Fitzgerald took over as CEO after her husband, Fleet Financial founder Patrick Fitzgerald, was killed in a cycling accident in 2014. “She encourages, motivates, and makes us all feel part of a family,” one survey respondent said.

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA (February 27th, 2017) – Today AutoFi, a financial technology company that is transforming the way cars are bought and sold, announced the launch of the first fully online sales and multi-lender financing solution for used car dealers. Financing on AutoFi's platform will be provided by its lender network of banks, specialty lenders, and credit unions. Today, the company announced that its credit union financing will be offered in partnership with iLendingDIRECT.

“People want buying a car to be fast, straight forward and more transparent. That’s why AutoFi is working with lenders and dealerships to make the process easier through online sales and financing.” said Kevin Singerman, CEO of AutoFi. “That’s why I’m so excited about our partnership with iLendingDIRECT. Bringing iLendingDIRECT’s network of credit unions onto the AutoFi platform means consumers will have even more competitive financing options to choose from when purchasing a car online.

nf articleWhether entrepreneurs are born or made, is an unending debate that everyone has a different opinion on. Regardless of where you stand, it is clear, entrepreneurs strive to help mankind and make the world a better place.  One such influential woman who is an entrepreneurs is Nancy Fitzgerald

Nancy Started her career in in Automotive in 2006 when she and her late husband, Patrick Fitzgerald, opened a small dealership in Denver.  iLendingDIRECT has grown since then, from a small independent dealership to a company that now employs over 180 people. 



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Our partnerships with numerous banks and credit unions allows us to offer some the most competitive rates in the industry—as low as 2.49%!
We have smart solutions for every financial situation. We help you refinance your car loan, buy your company car, buyout your auto lease,
Our expert loan consultants will guide you every step of the way so you won't have to spend hours researching for the right loan or
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Not only do we conduct an overall financial review and look at your total monthly expenses, but we can help you better manage your auto loan with us as well as your auto insurance and credit card debt! So, what is the iLendingDirect Advantage? It’s peace of mind knowing you’re saving money and time while getting support from experts that care about you and your needs. Whether you need financing solutions to achieve greater savings, obtain cash back to do more in life or require solutions to protect your assets in case of an accident.

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