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Company Car Tax Benefits

Buying Your Company Vehicle

The experience of driving a company car has always been a much sought-after perk by many employers and employees. It can provide a status-enhancing car at a low tax cost and generate tax deductions for companies of all sizes. Personal use of company cars is a common industry practice with many companies purchasing or leasing vehicles which are used by employees in the course of doing business, and having the use of a company vehicle has been an extremely popular fringe benefit for the company owner or key employees for many years.

Company Car Tax Benefits

When your company provides you with a leased vehicle to be used for business purposes, the IRS views this as a business expense for your employer. They also view the personal use of this vehicle as a taxable fringe benefit to you, which must be calculated and reported every year. Providing a company car does require some specific record keeping, and tracking of personal use vs. business use. Personal use of a company vehicle must be tracked and valued under the fringe benefit tax rules and treated as compensation income. IRS Publications 15-B and 463 define what is expected. If you can’t view this, download Acrobat Reader. As an employee driving a company car, the personal use value will appear on your W-2 form and is treated as salary on your 1040 at tax time. As a general rule, the personal use of any vehicle results in compensation income.

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